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KBC Systems a is a flourishing Development Process Outsourcing firm based in Aurangabad, India. We specialize in online and offline applications with diverse and cost effective solutions to choose from.

We have worked with clients from all parts of the globe. Our strength lies in the fact that we believe in long-term relationship with our clients. We emphasize on top quality services and customer satisfaction.

We understand how technology can elicit the growth of your venture.

SOM (Standard operating Methodology)

  • Information gathering: We gather all the information required for the initiation of the project, which includes technical know-how of the project assigned.
  • Analysis: The analysis of the gathered information is the key to successful handling of the assignment.
  • Specification Building: The requisites of the client are taken into account while development so as to provide results in accordance with the requisites.
  • Build Prototype: A prototype is built before the main development process in order to give the client a peek at the final output.
  • Development: The main course of action where all the bits and pieces are merged together to give rise to the final product.
  • QC and Testing: The final resultant is passed through various QC checks / Procedures to keep up the quality of the outcome.
  • Maintaininance of sites and updation.


Our team comprises of highly proficient designers and developers, who on the whole understand your needs and gratify them accordingly.

We have experienced programmers and designers with extensive expertise in Dreamweaver, Photoshop, CSS, Frontpage, Corel Draw, Visual Basic, Visual Foxpro, ASP, ASP.Net, PHP, VB.NET, AJAX, C#, JAVA, Foxpro, Oracle, Access, MySql, SQL Server, Foxpro, Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services etc

  • Manage your web site using your web site admin panel.
  • Easily edit virtually any page using our WYSIWYG editor. No HTML knowledge required.
  • No software needed. 100% internet based.
  • Manage your web site from virtually anywhere.
  • Easily turn features on or off.
  • Add unlimited custom F.A.Q's and Articles.
  • Online Support from us via Online Messengers, Emails, Phone Calls etc.

Why KBC System ?

  • Cost Effective: We provide high quality output at competitive pricing.
  • Transparency: Maintaining a good communication level at every stage of development keeps the whole process transparent.
  • Process Oriented: Implementing well-documented project plans.
  • Commitment to Quality: We always stress on quality and have unsurpassed team support to achieve it. We implement topmost standards in project management, development and testing.
  • Experience: With years of experience in online and offline applications, we would provide the best solution to your crisis.


We at KBC Systems keep ourselves updated with the latest technologies striking a perfect balance between the old and the new technologies. We continue to increase our capabilities offered keeping in mind the declining cost of resources and Internet access.

  • Robust, flexible, scalable software infrastructure.
  • Clustered, redundant, secure databases.
  • Multi-tenanted, single instance software code.
  • Highly configurable and stable.
  • Low cost, low impact integration with third party systems.
  • Continuously upgraded features and functionality.

Work Terms

We are available to our clients from Monday through Sunday 9 am to 7 pm (GMT +5.30) and can be reached by emails and any IMs. We are happy to make appointments to talk on instant messenger and to be available outside of business hours with prior arrangement.

KBC Systems Guarantee: We will fix any bugs and items not built to spec free of charge within the first 90 days after going live. In return we ask that you give the specs, our questions to you, and your quality-assurance testing your full attention so that we can get to the launch date smoothly and quickly.

Payment Method

We are happy to accept payment by Guru Safepay, Guru Safepay Escrow, Elance Safepay, Elance Escrow, PayPal, Wire Transfer etc.

Payment Terms

There will be additional 5% of the invoice amount if the payment is made through escrow. If you pay us through invoicing system, there would be no additional charges.

There would be additional 5% of the invoice amount added to the total amount if the payment is disbursed using credit card or paypal.


We really appreciate your feedback. It has made us the professional team on Guru and we make every effort to stay there. Please leave your comments for others to read so that they will know what it is like to work with us. We will be happy to return the favor and leave feedback on your profile as well. If you are pleased with our work, please consider endorsing us in your Guru network.


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